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Out of Milwaukee/Jackson, progressive rockers Wiszdomstone breathe fresh air into the half dead corpse that has become prog rock (in this scene) over the past decade.

Dio, Maiden, Sabbath, and especially, Queensryche come to mind when listening to tracks that are meticulously produced in an obviously laborious studio setting. Music such as this transcends the song at hand by becoming a true art form. Calculated breaks, modulations and time changes create tracks that can be listened to over and over, where the listener can hear something new, or missed for the first few times around.


For those who are truly into prog, Wiszdomstone puts out what progressive fans yearn for with stellar musicianship and melody that keeps it interesting and accessible.

No live shows posted yet, but with accolades from some of the top press in the industry, and the selling out of their first EP The Battle Rages, it would seem that popular demand will prevail.

For a full view of what this band is about (and what they no doubt will become) check out www.wiszdomstone.com –Lane Klozier, Maximum Ink [Madison WI], May 1-June 4, 2009.

Chris Cornell “Scream Tour” 2009
Chris played to a packed house in Ann Arbor, Michigan last night. From the moment he stepped on the stage, singing ’Part Of Me’ from the new Scream album, until the final ’Black Hole Sun’ the crowd never sat down.
The set list comprised of a masterful blend of old and new. If you had gone to see Soundgarden or Temple Of The Dog or Chris Cornell, you would not have been disappointed.
Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell The band, Yogi Lonich and Peter Thorn on guitars, Corey McCormick on bass and Jason Sutter on drums, were tight and it was obvious to see that Chris and the band were having fun doing what they love doing.
Chris’s amazingly powerful, soulful voice held the crowd across all 4 octaves of his vocal range.
During “Be Yourself” Chris jumped down off the stage and started to walk through the crowd, singing, with people's hands all over him as he walked up the entire length of the floor, across the back and down the other side, back to the stage.

Although the show at Ann Arbor was shorter than the usual 3 hour set, due to an 11PM curfew imposed by the venue, he gave enough of himself to last a life time.
Chris commented on his Twitter page, ‘Fuck! Ann Arbor kicked ass!!! My god!’
No Chris, YOU kicked ass!!
Ann Arbor audiences either like you or don’t and you can tell immediately. Chris was a true winner. We thank him for putting us on his Tour list and welcome him back with open arms.
Thank you for a truly wonderful night…
Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell Chris Cornell Chris Cornell

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